The Foundation of ‘FC KOLKATA’

is a subdivision of the Ali S. K. Memorial Society for the Children (ASKMSC) which was registered in 1998 under the West Bengal Society Registration Act, 1961.

The main objectives of our society are to provide food, shelter and education to orphaned, abandoned and other children in need.

Apart from that we focus a lot on physical exercise such as football, athletics, yoga, etc. as part of our education. We consider this to be vital for the development of body and mind.

In our home for former street children in Santoshpur we do have 40 boys in the age bracket 9 to 16 years. The advantage of a residential home like ours is the fact that our children are always present. They live together under one roof with nobody behind to hold them back from sports.

In the year 2003 we therefore decided to run our home for former street children in Santoshpur side by side as a Residential Football Academy , which was acknowledged by the then secretary of the Indian Football Association Mr. Subrata Dutta in his letter dated 21.07.2004.




FC Kolkata meets FC Bayern Munich Gerd Müller
Suraj, Sudhir, Vicky, Khokan, Kishore, Raja, Banti with Paul Breitner

We are making progress...!

A FIFA licensed Youth Coach from France, Mr. Michel Sauvestre took care of the daily practice routine and in the year 2005 the German football giant FC Bayern Munich got aware of us and started to support us.

Our work showed the first fruits when in 2008 one of our children, Suraj Dhopi, had been selected for the FC Bayern Munich football camp in Germany.

By now our Residential Football Academy has three complete teams in three different age groups U16, U14 and U12. All children came to our home at the age of five and grew up with regular football practice ever since.

We would be looking forward to have a home and away friendly match with your club!




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A Subdivision of Ali S. K. Memorial Society for the Children,
Reg. No: S/90675 of 1998-99
Registered Office: 17A, East Road, Santoshpur, Kolkata
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