Our Teams

Currently FC Kolkata has three full size football teams. Our 40 children are divided according to their age
in a U16, U14 and U12 team. All of them have practiced football in our academy since they were five years old.

Please click on the respective team pictures to enlarge the team posters or download further information by clicking on the link below. Thank you!

FC Kolkata Team Information.pdf

FC Kolkata U16 Team FC Kolkata U14 Team FC Kolkata U12 Team

Our Jerseys:

The jersey of FC Kolkata is red with one blue and one sky-blue stripe. Our official embroidered crest is stiched on the right side of the blue stripe. The stiching was made in Germany and is sponsored by Fahnen Diersch. Thank You!
The jersey also bears the logo of FC Kolkata on the left sleeve and the logo of Ali S.K. Memorial Society for the Children on right sleeve.
The shorts and socks are blue and sky-blue.

FC Kolkata Jersey



FC Kolkata Jersey



A Subdivision of Ali S. K. Memorial Society for the Children,
Reg. No: S/90675 of 1998-99
Registered Office: 17A, East Road, Santoshpur, Kolkata